We are sure by now you have heard that Windows 7 is going End of Life (EOL).  So the question is, what does that mean.  We’ll let’s explain.  You’ll no longer receive technical support, software updates, and security updates.

When will this affect me?

  • January 14, 2020 is when Microsoft will pull the plug. Let’s face it, Windows 7 is currently 10 years old, time has come that Microsoft needs to end support.

How will affect me?

  • Microsoft will stop making updates to Windows 7 (all version) as well as any software patches, security updates, or critical updates. Basically, if a hacker exploits a vulnerability in Windows 7 AFTER January 14th, you are placing your computer at risk of attack.

Will my computer stop working after January 14th?

  • This is the biggest question we get. Answer is no. You can continue using your Windows 7 PC well past the January 14th date. Just remember the risks involved as mentioned above.

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