Just like around your house, Computers needs spring cleaning too.  Notice your computer isn’t running in tip-top shape.  Well, it might be time for a tune up.

Our PC Tune Up Package consists of the following:

  • Removal of Dust (Desktops)
  • Clean Screen and keyboards (laptops)
  • Confirm Adequate disk space
  • Removal of unwanted or unnecessary programs
  • Remove Temporary Internet Files
  • Uninstall Corrupt/Outdated/Expired Antivirus (Expired Antivirus’ do not protect the PC)
  • Update Antivirus (if current)
  • Scan and remove Spyware/Malware
  • Optimize Registry
  • Download and install available Windows Updates
  • Removal of Browswer Toolbars
  • Verify Device Manager (Missing Drivers)
  • Remove Program Temp Files, Stored Passwords, Cookies, Etc.
  • Scan and remove Viruses
  • Ran CHKDSK on the file system
  • Test Video Card
  • Test Modem (If equipped)
  • Test RAM
  • Test Network Adapter
  • Test hard Drive
  • Test CPU
  • Test CD/DVD Drives
  • Test System Ports
  • Defrag Computer

As you can see, we tune up all possible area’s of the computer.  All of this for one low price.  Call us today to schedule your PC Tune up on your desktop or laptop today.